Rachel Grant
Peaceful-Fountains-of-Desire in Die Another Day


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Born in the Philippines and raised in England, Rachel Grant has worked extensively as an actress in film and TV and is most notable for her role as Bond Girl Peaceful-Fountains-of-Desire in the James Bond film Die Another Day. Rachel’s television career began in 2000, when she debuted as the hot new host of the Sci-Fi Channel’s Friday night segment in the UK and Europe, becoming Sci-fi’s most popular host and highest-rated show. She also appeared regularly as art and travel host on Cathay Pacific inflight entertainment, visiting some of Europe’s most well-known landmarks, museums and art galleries. Rachel appeared as an assassin in the film The Tournament and body doubled as Lara Croft for Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.

Additionally, Rachel is an avid humanitarian. She is Global Ambassador to Human Nature - a social enterprise in organic cosmetics helping poor farmers and the underprivileged in the Philippines - where she is also supporter of the United Nations recognized slum rebuilding scheme Gawad Kalinga having helped rebuild slum houses, pave streets and paint homes. She also launched Breast Cancer Awareness Month twice in the UK - once, abseiling down London’s tallest Rugby Stadium.

Travel has always been part and parcel of Rachel’s career. She regularly writes for Asia’s leading travel magazine Travelife and has her own column “Rachel Writes” in Only The Good. Rachel has travelled to over 40 countries and counting! She has explored some of the wildest, most desolate places on our planet in pursuit of rare knowledge, exotic hidden cultures, and for sheer excitement of all the senses!


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