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Felicca in The Spy Who Loved Me


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Olga Bissera was born in Mostar, ex Yugoslavia. She graduated at the academy for film, tv and theatre in Belgrade after which she landed a small part in Sidney Pollack's Castle Keep with Burt Lancaster and Peter Falk. In 1970 Olga moved to Hollywood and signed a contract with Columbia Pictures and moved to Hollywood. After returning to Rome she married a film producer and was cast as the lead in several of his films opposite Fernando Rey, Marcel Bozzufi, Alain & Nathalie Delon, Joseph Cotten and Joe Dalesssandro.

In 1977 she was chosen to play Felicca in The Spy Who Loved Me in 1997. Her character was sent to entertain Bond when he called looking for Fekkish (Nadim Sawalha) to track down the stolen nuclear submarine tracking device.  To start with Bond is naturally suspicious of Felicca but she soon has him enjoying 'dessert'. Felicca warns Bond that henchman Sandor is about to shoot him - slightly too late - leading to her being shot by Sandor instead.

After working on Italian TV, Olga left the film industry to concentrate on a career in journalism interviewing heads of state from around the world.

She now lives with her partner Luciano Martino and works with him as an executive producer making films both in Italy and Kenya. She has also written 4 books of which two won prominent literary awards.


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