Norman Wanstall
Sound editor on Dr No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and Never Say Never Again


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As a schoolboy, Norman's first taste of the film industry came after a visit to Pinewood Studios, the experience left a lasting impression and from then on he dreamed of working in the movies.

After completion of National Service, he signed a 3 year contract with the J. Arthur Rank Organisation as trainee film editor with his first assignment being Jumping For Joy starring Frankie Howerd. He later worked on Ill By Moonlight with Dirk Bogarde. After a year with Rank, he was promoted to first assistant soundtrack editor working on such notable titles as A Night To Remember and Carve Her Name With Pride.

Three years later, Rank offered him a new contract but Norman instead decided to leave to go freelance, becoming an assistant to Britain's leading soundtrack editor, Winston Ryder, working on such major titles as John Paul Jones, Solomon & Sheba and Sink The Bismark.

Eager to return to film editing, Norman approached Peter Hunt (editor of Sink The Bismark) and asked to become his assistant. Together they worked on There Was A Crooked Man, The Greengage Summer, On The Fiddle, HMS Defiant and the very first James Bond film, Dr No. The low budget for Dr No meant that the production could not afford the two dubbing editors required for dialogue and sound-effects so Norman was promoted to sound effects editor.

After Dr No, Norman continued working as Peter Hunt's sound editor on Call Me Bwana, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger (for which he received an Oscar), The Ipcress File, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.

Norman parted company with Peter Hunt (who was given On Her Majesty's Secret Service to direct) and went on to become dubbing editor on Farenheit 451 for the legendary director, Fracois Truffaut.

In 1966, the singer Mike Sarne approached Norman to produce the soundtrack for his low budget film Road To San Tropez. He produced a track without payment and the favour was returned when Mike Sarne asked him to edit his 'swinging sixties' film Joanna. The film was slated by the critics but the trendy editing style received favourable reviews.

In 1970 he was sent to Copenhagen to edit The Only Way starring Jane Seymour which dealt with the escape of the Jews to Sweden in World War II. He returned briefly to the role of sound editor for Sidney Poitier's on Warm December and Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon.

Further editing credits include Twinky starring Charles Bronson, WHO? with Trevor Howard, Jerusalem File with Nicole Williamson and Neither The Sea Nor The Sand with Susan Hampshire.

Eager to leave London and raise his family in a more rural environment, he left the industry in 1977 after writing and editing the bull-fighting documentary Rejoneador. In 1983 he was recalled as sound editor on Sean Connery's last outing as Bond in Never Say Never Again.

A founder member of the Guild of British Film Editors and he represented Britain on the first Features Jury at the Cork Film Fesitval.


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