Lana Wood
Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds Are Forever


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Lana Wood was born Svetlana Gurdin to White Russian Immigrant parents.

Her sister, Natasha Gurdin, became Natalie Wood. Natalie was taken from Natasha and Wood from director Sam Wood. On the first day of shooting classic western The Searchers, Lana’s first film role, starring John Wayne and Jeffery Hunter and directed by John Ford, a person went up to her mother and said, "well what name do you want your other daughter to have?" she replied, "Oh well, I guess...Wood". So that's how much thought went into it.

It would be nearly a decade before Lana began her performing career in earnest, co-starring in the 20th Century Fox TV series The Long, Hot Summer (1965) and Peyton Place (1966-1967 season) as, respectively, Eula Harker and Sandy Webber. Projecting a sexier image than sister Natalie, Lana was supremely suited for such film roles as Plenty O'Toole in the 1971 James Bond flick Diamonds Are Forever. She later essayed the more sedate characterization of middle-aged matron Fran Burke in the CBS daytime drama Capitol. In 1985, Lana Wood published the biographical Natalie: A Memoir.

Lana has guest starred in popular tv shows such as The Fugitive, Dr Kildare, The Fall Guy, Fantasy Island, Mission: Impossible and Starksky & Hutch.

In later years she has turned her hand to producing, and in 2004 helmed The Mystery Of Natalie Wood for ABC.


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