John Wyman
Eric Kriegler in For Your Eyes Only


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John Wyman made his small screen debut in the long-running and popular Onedin Line in 1971, and in between stage work guest starred in Doomwatch, Star Maidens and Blake’s 7.

His film debut came with Richard Burton and Joan Plowright, in Sidney Lumet’s Equus in 1977 and the following year he appeared in Revenge Of The Pink Panther and Adventures Of A Plumber’s Mate. In 1979 he was cast as Bahloul in Arabian Adventure, with Christopher Lee and Mickey Rooney, but undoubtedly his big break came when he was cast as Eric Kriegler in For Your Eyes Only, Kristatos’ deadly henchman.

John continued punctuating a stage career with film and tv work which has included Hart To Hart, Tales Of The Unexpected, Tuxedo Warrior and Jade.

However, it is without doubt his role as the tall, blond Kriegler that he is most fondly remembered.


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