Johanna Harwood
Screenwriter on Dr. No & From Russia With Love


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Having entered the UK film industry in the early 1950s, as a ‘Continuity Girl’ on Return to Glennascaul (with Orson Welles) and Knave of Hearts before beginning an association with Harry Saltzman as a script adaptor – taking the many books Saltzman bought the rights to, and delivering a first draft script for presentation to financiers and actors. This association continued into the perioud where Saltzman took an option on the Ian Fleming books and Johanna wrote first draft film scripts of several of the novels.

When the partnership with Cubby Broccoli was launched, in EON Productions, the plan was to make Thunderball as the first James Bond film, with legal action bewtween Kevin McClory & Ian Fleming complicated matters and instead Dr. No was chosen; and Johanna’s script used as the basis of the film.

When Terence Young joined the production he though a man’s touch was needed and brought in Berkeley Mather and later Richard Maibaum. Contrary to popular myth, Johanna was not brought on as a ‘continuity girl’ and then given some script duties by Terence Young.

With Dr. No in production, Johanna was sent to Paris to work opn adapting From Russia With Love – and again other (male) writers were brought in to revise the script, having also recently also penned Call Me Bwana for EON.

Her association with Terence Young was not a particularly happy one, and it was felt such a male hero as 007 should not necessarily be written for by a female ... and Johanna departed the franchise.


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