An Afternoon With Richard "JAWS" Kiel
Pinewood Studios, London, England - 21st November 2004


The date - November 21st 2004, the location - Pinewood Studios and a very special afternoon with the biggest and most popular Bond villain of them all - Richard "JAWS" Kiel. Over 100 people braved the dismal weather for a rare chance to visit the home of James Bond.


After registration and a welcome drink, our guests could mingle, take photographs and purchase Bond related memorabilia from Richard Kiel, Blanche Ravalec, Michael Billington and Alan Hume. A video presentation in the Green Room followed which showed how Pinewood has been used as a location in many of the James Bond movies, this included the gardens which doubled for S.P.E.C.T.R.E Island in From Russia With Love and the main studio complex becoming Auric Goldfinger's factory for the famous Aston Martin DB5 chase sequence. The compliation of clips was introduced by Sir Roger Moore who kindly recorded his piece especially for this event.


After the presentation, Gareth and Dave Worrall took guests on a once in a lifetime tour of Pinewood Studios which included the picture gallery as used in Who Dares Wins, the paddock tank - used for the ice chase in The Living Daylights, the gardens used in From Russia With Love, the grotto which doubled for Renard's lair in The World Is Not Enough and a surprise visit inside the 007 stage with a brief glimpse of the backlot on on which countless Bond sets have been created including the Korean camp in Die Another Day, the Golden Gate bridge in A View To A Kill and the incredible volcano set from Thunderball.

The poor weather and muddy conditions did not appear to dampen anyone's spirits and we returned to the warmth of the Gatsby Suite where afternoon tea was served. Our special guests had arrived in the guise of sound editor Colin Miller, film editor John Grover, second unit director Alec Mills and stunt man Martin Grace, unfortunately due to work commitments Peter Lamont could not attend.


The feedback to this event has been overwhelming, thanks for all of your kind comments, here are a few examples -


"Thank you for a fantastic day! My wife, daughter and myself thought the day was excellent. Dave Worrall's tour was a real treat for fans. To get onto the 007 stage was a real highlight. Gareth's Q&A with Richard was a nice insight into Richard's life"


"What a fabulous day out the "An Afternoon with Richard Kiel at Pinewood" event was.It did not disappoint.Great from start to finish"


"What a truly superb event, that was impeccably well-organised, professional and thoroughly enjoyable. I simply cannot fault any minute part of the day; you truly provided first class entertainment!"

"It was fantastic to attend and a rare privilege to be able to see the studio itself, especially with such an authoritative and expert guides. Thanks to everyone at Bondstars who worked so hard to make the day a success" would like to thank the following people for their invaluable help with this event -

  • Absolutely James Bond
  • Aston Martin
  • CBn
  • Iris Doyle and Robin Harbour
  • EON Productions
  • Tony & Iris Harwood
  • Richard Kiel & Diane Kiel
  • MGM Home Entertainment
  • Sir Roger Moore
  • Movie Market
  • Penguin Books
  • Pinewood Studios
  • Stoke Park Club
  • The Swedish Bond Museum
  • Titan Books
  • Universal Exports
  • Jaz Wiseman
  • Dave Worrall

And also a big thank you to our special guests who gave us their valuable time and made everyone feel so welcome -

  • Michael Billington
  • Martin Grace
  • John Grover
  • Alan & Sheila Hume
  • Colin Miller
  • Alec Mills
  • Blanche Ravalec

Finally, we'd like to thank you for attending because without you there would be no event, thanks again and hopefully we will organise further events in 2005.

The team