Designs On Bond - Celebrating The Career Of Peter Lamont
Sunday 25th September 2016

Pinewood Studios, London, England


On Sunday 25th September 2016 colleagues and friends joined Oscar winning production designer, Peter Lamont at Pinewood Studios to celebrate the launch of his book The Man With The Golden Eye whilst also paying tribute to his long and accomplished career.


Alan Tomkins, Peter Lamont and Vic Armstrong
Alan Tomkins, Peter Lamont and Vic Armstrong


150 guests were welcomed with morning coffee, a packed memorabilia room and along with Peter signing copies of his book - which attendees were presented with on arrival - other Bond colleagues such as art director Alan Tomkins, director John Glen, second unit director Vic Armstrong and assistant director Terry Bamber were signing copies of their books too. Bond girls Shirley Eaton, Madeline Smith, Deborah Moore, Maryam d'Abo, Caroline Munro and Margaret Nolan were also joined by Shane Rimmer and lyricist Leslie Bricusse signing autographs.


Alan Tomkins, Peter Lamont and Vic Armstrong
Peter Lamont with special effects maestro Chris Corbould


The first Q&A event featured special effects maestro Chris Corbould, Vic Armstrong and Alan Tomkins all talking about how their various departments work together with Peter and his team in making the 007 films. After a two-course Sunday lunch a few surprises began unfolding for Peter. Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade kindly helped out in first reading a few messages:


Robert Wade and Neal Purvis read out a message from Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli
Screenwriters Robert Wade and Neal Purvis read out a message from
Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli (Photo by Matthew Field)


The first from the producers, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli:


“We hope you have a truly wonderful day amongst dear friends and sharing wonderful memories. We thank you for your incredible talent, vision and sheer devotion to the Bond franchise over the past five decades....”


The second was from two-time Bond director Martin Campbell:


“I am proud of the work we did on GoldenEye and Casino Royale and that is in large parts due to your contribution. Not only was the production design terrific but you and your hard working team were always there to listen to my ideas.”


And, Michael Apted also send a letter of praise:


“We all have very clear memories of working with you and mine are very clear and present. I was way out of my depth when I joined the production. Although I was certainly no chicken, I had never done anything on the scale of 007 and was frightened to death. You sensed that and in your gentle caring way, nursed me through. You taught me skills that have stayed with me forever. Peter, you are a scholar and a gentleman.”


A video messages next came from Sir Roger Moore ahead of a compilation tribute reel.


Then director James Cameron, with whom Peter collaborated on three movies - most notably Titanic:


“I think back to the things we did together going back 30 years beginning with Aliens and it takes me right back to Pinewood Studios and how you created something out of almost nothing - we had so little budget and such ambitious designs. I think back on our collaboration with such pride, in you Peter, for adapting to the craziness in how I work and stepping up to create these incredible images on screen. I think of Titanic - that was such an experience for me - to be on the Titanic. Having dived down and seen the real wreck and then getting to walk through these beautiful spaces you were able to re-create for us. Congratulations to you on the book and congratulations to you on such an epic, epic, career as a designer.”


Deborah Moore, Maryam d'Abo, Shirley Eaton, Peter Lamont, Margaret Nolan, Caroline Munro and Madeline Smith/
Deborah Moore, Maryam d'Abo, Shirley Eaton, Peter Lamont, Margaret Nolan,
Caroline Munro and Madeline Smith (Photo by Matthew Field)


The American Academy AMPAS gave special permission for us to screen the Oscar night acceptance speech when Peter picked up his prized statuette ... and that wasn't the only award we saw Peter presented with on the day, as he was bestowed with the Cinema Retro Lifetime Achievement Award by editors Lee Pfeiffer and Dave Worrall. Before the award was presented, director John Glen, who worked with Peter on eight Bond movies reminisced, “Peter and I were promoted at the same time on For Your Eyes Only. Peter had really earned his spurs. My everlasting memories of Peter, is that he was so practical. Not only was he artistic he was very simply in the way he went about his work. He had such a wonderful vision and I honestly think without the help of Peter I would have fallen flat on my face.”


Peter Lamont being interviewed by Gareth Owen
Peter Lamont being interviewed by Gareth Owen


Following a on-stage chat with Peter, afternoon tea was served after which Dave Worrall took fans on a little tour of the gardens pointing out Bond locations and talking about Pinewood's history.


Dave Worrall conducting the tour around Pinewood's gardens
Dave Worrall conducting the tour around Pinewood's gardens


The days finale featured the wonderful ‘Q The Music’ band who played a set in tribute to Peter's Bond films dedicating Nobody Does It Better to the man himself. They were to be introduced by Monty Norman, but sadly the day before Monty was taken ill and could not join us.


Q The Music performing their tribute to Peter's Bond films
Q The Music performing their tribute to Peter's Bond films


Other Bond alumni in attendance were titles designer Daniel Kleinman, Terry Madden (Assistant director), John Grover (editor), Terry Ackland-Snow (art director), and John & Rosie Richardson (special effects).


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Deborah Moore
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