Count Prince Miller
Nightclub dancer in Dr. No


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Count Prince Miller is a Jamaican-born, British-based actor and musician.

Miller began as a musician, recording a number of reggae songs. His best known song is Mule Train Parts One & Two, which was a hit on Trojan Records in 1971 before being re-recorded with Sly and Robbie in the early 1980s.

As an actor Miller's credits include the role of Vince in the Channel 4 sitcom Desmond's, initially an occasional role until the last series, when he became a regular. The character was a member of the fictional group the Georgetown Dreamers, in which Miller was joined by fellow musicians Ram John Holder and Sol Raye, as well as the show's star Norman Beaton. Miller's role continued in the spin-off series, Porkpie.

Miller went on to make an appearance in the 2003 film What a Girl Wants, while he secured Best Male Actor Award at the 2006 Black Film Makers' International Awards Ceremony for his role in Winnie and the Duppy Bat.

Miller has also appeared in plays, two of which were written by J. D. Douglas (Black Heroes and JA Story).

In the first James Bond film Dr. No, he played a nightclub dancer!


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