Caron Gardner
Pussy Galore's Flying Circus Pilot


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Caron Gardner’s love of film and music started very early in life.

After six months in New York as Miss London After Dark, promoting British travel, Caron returned to go to drama school.

Her early films include The Yellow Teddy Bears, produced by Tony Klinger and Tony Tenser and a lovely part in Goldfinger, as one of Pussy Galore Pilots.

Other films roles included a cameo as Wilfrid Bramwell’s fiancee in a Hard Days Night, The Evil of Frankenstein for Hammer and also a small part in Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. Caron played Yvonne Romaine’s handmaiden in Hammer’s The Brigand of Khandahar before appearing in comedy Mr Ten Per Cent with Charlie Drake.

Various comedy shows: Benny Hill, Morecambe and Wise, Square World and Monty Python ensued as did guest roles in Dept. S, Danger Man and various episodes of The Saint.

Caron also appeared in Crossroads for six weeks and Eastenders for six weeks too, where she played Arthur Fowler’s first girlfriend.


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