Shane Rimmer
Captain Carter in The Spy Who Loved Me


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Shane Rimmer is one of the busiest character actors in the business. He has almost 100 film credits and dozens of tv credits.

Born in Canada , Shane entered the business in the late 1950s. Soon afterwards, he was directed by Stanley Kubrick in Dr Strangelove . He became the voice of Scott Tracey (and other characters) in Thunderbirds along with Captain Scarlett and Joe 90 series from Gerry Anderson. He appeared in two Bond films witrh Sean Connery – You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever – and also had a tiny part in Live And Let Die as the voice of the murdered agent in the opening New Orleans funeral sequence. A few years later he returned as ‘Captain Carter' in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Shane's other credits include Rollerball, Star Wars, The People That Time Forgot, Warlords Of Atlantis, Superman II & III, Gandhi, Dogs Of War, Out Of Africa, Space Truckers and Spy Games.

His tv credits include The Saint, UFO, Van Der Valk, The Protectors, Dr Who, Danger Man and Tales Of The Unexpected.


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