Nadja Regin
Kerim's Girl in From Russia With Love and Bonita in Goldfinger


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Nadja Regin is a Serbian actress from Niš, Serbia. She graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and also the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Philosophy. Her acting career began during her student years and expanded through Yugoslav-German co-productions to Germany, and later, to England, Austria and New Zealand. She is best known for her roles in several British films and TV programmes in the 1960s, and the 1964 New Zealand film Runaway.

She appeared in two James Bond films; From Russia with Love, as the mistress of Kerim Bey, and a smaller but still notable appearance in the pre-credit sequence of Goldfinger. Her TV roles included The Avengers, Danger Man, The Saint and Dixon of Dock Green.

In the 1970s her work included reading and selecting film scripts for production by film companies including Rank Films and Hammer Films. In 1980, she and her sister Jelena formed Honeyglen Publishing Ltd, a small publishing company, specialising in philosophy of history, belles lettres, biography and some fiction.[1] She now devotes her time to writing and has written a novel, The Victims and the Fools, a children's story, The Puppet Planet, and has begun working on her Memoirs.


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