Lois Chiles
Dr Holly Goodhead in Moonraker


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Lois was born in Alice, Texas, USA as Lois Cleveland Chiles.

Lois attended the prestigious Finch College at University Of Texas where she was ‘discovered’ by a Glamour magazine editor … this led to a modelling contract being offered. From being one of the USA’s very top model, even having posed for the cover of Elle magazine, Lois turned to acting in 1972 and two short years later was playing opposite Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby. Coma and Death On The Nile followed in quick succession.

Lois was a contender for Agent Triple X in The Spy Who Loved Me, but it was in the following film Moonraker that she was to make her Bond debut after director Lewis Gilbert sat next to Lois (and remembering her from a couple of years earlier) on a flight into he USA. That prompted him to suggest to Cubby Broccoli that she would make a terrific Dr Holly Goodhead.

A few years later, Lois won a role in the ever-popular tv series Dallas opposite the famous JR Ewing. Between film projects, Lois appeared in many top-rated tv shows such as Murder She Wrote, Hart To Hart and LA Law.

Films include Broadcast News, Creepshow 2, Burning Bridges, Twister, Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery, Speed 2 and Sudden Fear.

Lois now shares many of her experiences and her acting knowledge with students at the University of Houston, Texas, where she teaches drama.

When asked about her character of Dr Holly Goodhead, and how she explained the character’sname to her parents, she replied “I told them I was called Holly, and was very clever.”

The trickiest sequence to film in Moonraker was almost certainly the love scene at the climax of the film. Lois and Roger Moore were ‘floating’ in the spacecraft. In fact there was a very complicated system of wires and harnesses suspending them in mid air – very uncomfortableand tricky. Not the sort of situation to consummate a friendship!


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