Edward De Souza
Sheikh Hosein in The Spy Who Loved Me


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Born in 1932, Edward De Souza graduated from The Royal Academy Of Dramatic Arts and quickly established himself as a stage, tv and film actor.

His tv debut came in 1957 with the 8-part A Tale Of Two Cities, with Peter Wyngarde co-starring. A number of feature film roles followed including The Fourth Square (1961), The Roman Spring Of Mrs Stone ( 1961), The Phantom Of The Opera (1962), The Kiss Of The Vampire (1963) and in 1965 he co-starred with Roger Moore in an episode of The Saint tv series.

Other popular episodic tv appearances followed including Dixon Of Dock Green, Doctor Who, The Wednesday Play, The Avengers and The Rat Catchers. However, Edward also became a favourite storyteller in the long running children's Jackanory show in the late 1960s.

Punctuating stage work with tv work such as Department S, Paul Temple and Thriller, Edward then secured a supporting role in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) me as Sheikh Hosein.

Further films include The Thirty Nine Steps (1978), The Golden Lady (1979) and Jayne Eyre (1996).

Popular tv appearances also include: Sapphire and Steele, Hannay, Boon, After Henry, One Foot In the Grave and New Tricks.


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