Raising an Eyebrow - My Life With Sir Roger Moore - Signed Copies.

From taking on the job as his PA in 2002 through to nursing him in his final weeks in 2017, Gareth Owen was not only Roger Moore's right-hand man, but also his co-author, his onstage co-star, and his confidant. Roger always said, 'Gareth knows me better than I know myself.' Now, in this affectionate and amusing book, the author shares his times with Roger Moore and gives a unique and rare insight into life with one of the world's most beloved actors. Roger gave many interviews throughout his life, but very rarely spoke about himself, much preferring to tell fun tales about others. But his trusted sidekick was with him throughout his worldwide travels, his UK stage shows, as he wrote his books, as he received his Knighthood, and as he rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, to record some genuinely hilarious, heartfelt and extraordinary moments.


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Raising an Eyebrow